• Karen Polle
  • Competing for:
  • From: Tokyo
  • Age: 2

Born to a US father and a Japanese mother in Tokyo, Japan, she moved to the United States of America at age six months. She began representing Japan in 2014.

The highlight of Polle’s time in Europe was making her debut on a Senior Nations Cup team at Odense, where Polle proved she is one to watch by producing the team’s only clear round.

“It feels so good to go clear on a normal day, but when you’re on a team there’s that added element,” said Polle. “This is a very individual sport, but it’s really fun to be on a team.”

Currently studying Economics at Yale, Polle has just one semester left of her education before she will switch to focusing full-time on her show jumping career.

As a student, Polle has always held her riding career in high esteem, gracefully balancing her time in the saddle with her time in the classroom. “I try not to let school get in the way of my riding too much because I have Wings, and really want to focus and do the best that I can for him,” explained Polle. “He’s a once in a lifetime horse. I know I’m never going to find anything like this again, so I’m really trying to keep him in top form.”