• Olivier Robert
  • Competing for: France
  • From: Bordeaux
  • Age: 44

Olivier Robert is born in France in 1976. He started riding at 6 years old near Bordeaux, France. As his parents were not from the equestrian world, he also practiced other sport such as football that he played until the age of 15 years old. At this time, he had to chose between both sport as he couldn’t play football matches and ride in competition at the same time, he preferred riding. He met Dominique Bentejac, became his apprentice and spent 2 years in the United States with him as rider.

However, back in France, Olivier didn’t want to be a trainer to be able to live his passion and decided to open a kitchen store instead. After a year, with two excellent horses, he finally decided to turn as professional as he reached the highest level and Olivier sold his shop. By selling his current best horse Inca de l’Oasis, Olivier could buy his equestrian facilities near Bordeaux.

Olivier competed in many Nations Cup and World Cup legs and competed in his first LGCT show in 2016 in Cannes. In 2018, Olivier won the French Championships in Fontainebleau over 47 other competitors.


Fast facts

2nd of 2008 CSIO La Baule Grand Prix

3rd of 2014 CSI-W La Coruna Grand Prix

Competed in 2017 World Cup Final of Omaha

2018 gold medallist of Pro Elite French Championships