• Björn Nagel
  • Competing for: Ukraine
  • From: Brunsbüttel
  • Age: 42

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Björn began horseback riding at a young age with a dedication that paid off, quickly becoming a two-time Junior European Champion. His best career performances include 10th place at the Olympic Games with his team in Hong Kong (2008) and 3rd place at the German Derby. Overall though, his most memorable career moment was coming in 4th at the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 with his team. Galando, Pilgrim, Icutt, Quick Diamond and Niack de l’Abbaye are among Björn’s favourite horses and his greatest influence has been his father, Tjark Nagel. The Ukrainian star describes Global Champions Tour as ‘the best of the best’ and his advice to other riders is to always keep going.