• Luca Maria Moneta
  • Competing for: Italy
  • From: Milan
  • Age: 52

Luca Moneta took up riding as a child as his brother needed to put someone in the saddle when he was training his horses. Luca chose equestrian sports as his profession because ‘with riding you need physicality, technique and above all a relationship with a wonderful animal. That is the thing that struck me most compared to other sports.’ In 2000 he began studying the basic principles of ethology (animal behaviour in their natural habitat) after having problems with two horses. He came across the "Parelli method". He uses these principles in his training.

Luca represented Italy in the 2013 European Championships. His hero is Frenchman Michel Robert and his philosophy is, ‘To unite ethology and sport at the highest level’ and his ambition is to win an Olympic Gold medal.

Fast Facts

Competed in the 2014 World Championships

Competed in the 2013 European Championships