Sire:Galoubet A
Sire Dam:Polydor

Christian Ahlmann took over the ride on Taloubet Z from his partner Judy-Ann Melchior in 2009. In 2011, Taloubet and Ahlmann won the FEI World Cup Final. Christian describes Taloubet as a strong, extrememly powerful horse with a bit of a flat canter who never gets tired. “There is no distance or fence where I’m worried that he can’t do it,” says Christian. “His flat canter just means I have to put an extra stride in sometimes or all the power goes forward instead of up.” Originally Ahlmann took on Taloubet on a temporary basis as the partnership between the stallion and Judy-Ann wasn’t working out, but he clicked so well with Taloubet that he never gave the horse back.

Taloubet Z is jointly owned by Judy-Ann Melchior, Leon Melchior and Christian Ahlmann.