Season 2020

New York

  • New York
  • 25-27 September 2020

The Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL travel to New York for the Finals of the 2020 season, consolidating the circuit's presence in the USA after April's stunning LGCT Miami Beach. New York, one of the world's powerhouse cities, is comprised of 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. At its core is Manhattan, a densely populated borough that’s among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Broadway theater is staged in neon-lit Times Square.


The event will take place on Governors Island, with breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the Lower Manhattan skyline. The 172-acre Governors Island in New York Harbour, has been transformed into a unique venue for sport, art, and culture. The popular New York retreat of Governors Island has an average of 24,000 visitors during average September weekends and spectators will be able to access the public grandstand to get up close to the high calibre sporting action on a first come, first served, basis. 


At the exhibition village at the showground, there will be a variety of shops and food and beverage outlets and great public seating in the village where there is a direct view of the arena and the sport can also be watched on the big screen in the village.