Season 2019


  • Chantilly
  • 12-14 July 2019

Longines Global Champions Tour of Chantilly Show Schedule: 
(Please note, all times local and may be subject to change or alteration)

Click here for the detailed CSI 1*, 2*, YH1* & CSI 5* FEI Schedule.

For information about the GCL Team competition, please click here


Where can I watch it? 

All the CSI 5* rounds will be streamed live via our website featuring exclusive studio interviews, expert commentary and of course all the action from the arena. Check out GCT TV here to be directed to the live stream, or click here to see the full broadcast schedule. Selected CSI 5* classes will also be streamed via our official Facebook Live channels. 


What does this all mean?

For a brief explainer, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for a summary.* 


Provisional Timetable

Thursday July 11th
Meautry 11:30 CSI 2* Against-the-clock 1.40m (10.000€)
Amphithéâtre 14:00 CSI YH1* 7 yo Table A 1.30m (1.500€)
Amphithéâtre 17:00 CSI 2* Special Two Phases 1.30m (1.500€)


Friday June 12th
Meautry 08:00 CSI 1* Special Two Phases 1.25m (3.000€)
Amphithéâtre 08:00 CSI 2* Against-the-clock 1.35m (2.500€)
Meautry 09:15 CSI 1* Special Two Phases 1.35m (4.000€)
Amphithéâtre 10:45 CSI YH1* 7 yo Against-the-clock 1.35m (2.000€)
Meautry 11:45 CSI 1* Special Two Phases 1.15m (2.000€)
Meautry 13:30 CSI 5* Against-the-clock 1.45m (25.000€)
Amphithéâtre 14:00 CSI 2* Against-the-clock 1.45m (10.000€)
Meautry 16:15 CSI 5* GCL of Chantilly Round 1 - 1.50/1.55m (59.400€ to individual class winner)


Saturday June 13th
Meautry 08:00 CSI 1* Against-the-clockw with jump-off 1.15m (4.000€)
Amphithéâtre 10:15 CSI 1* Against-the-clock 1.35m (5.000€)
Amphithéâtre 12:30 CSI 1* Against-the-clock 1.25m (4.000€)
Meautry 14:00 CSI 2* Final Against-the-clock with jump-off 1.45m (25.000€)
Amphithéâtre 14:30 CSI 2* Against-the-clock 1.35m (2.500€)
Meautry 14:15 CSI 5* GCL of Chantilly Round 2 - 1.55/1.60m (93.300€ to individual class winner)
Meautry 17:45 CSI 5* Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Chantilly - 1.60m (300.000€)


Sunday June 14th
Meautry 08:00 CSI 1* Against-the-clock with jump-off 1.25m (6.000€)
Amphithéâtre 08:00 CSI YH1* 7 yo Final Top 7 Against-the-clock 1.40m (3.000€)
Meautry 10:30 CSI 1* Final Against-the-clock with jump-off 1.35m (10.000€)
Amphithéâtre 10:30 CSI 2* Against-the-clock 1.40m (5.500€)
Meautry 13.00 CSI 5* Against-the-clock 1.45m (25.000€)
Meautry 14.45 CSI 5* Jump-Off 1.50/1.55m (93.300€)
Amphithéâtre 14:30 CSI 1* Against-the-clock 1.15m (2.000€)M

*What does this all mean? 

Each Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL event can be separated into two categories - CSI 5* and CSI 2* classes. The CSI 5* is the top level competition, where the top-ranked riders in the world will compete for the highest prize money, over the biggest fences - up to 1.60m which is the highest in the sport. The CSI 2* classes are slightly smaller in height, and offer opportunities for many local athletes as well as international rising stars. 

The GCL is the team competition, where riders unite like never before to compete for points in the overall Championship. All roads lead to the GC Prague Playoffs, which will see 16 teams compete in the GCL Super Cup this November, so every point counts over the course of the Championship calendar. 

The Longines Global Champions Tour is the individual Championship, with the world's best battling for the LGCT Grand Prix win. This offers the biggest prize money of the weekend, valuable Championship ranking points, and a win would mean they qualify for a place in the GC Prague Playoffs, where the Longines Global Champions Super Grand Prix will take place. This will see the winners of each Grand Prix throughout the season return for a final locking of horns, to see who will come out on top after another electric season on Tour.