Season 2017


  • Chantilly
  • 13-16 July 2017

Longines Global Champions Tour of Chantilly Show Schedule: 
(Please note, all times local and may be subject to change or alteration)

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Where can I watch? 

All the CSI5* rounds will be streamed live via our website featuring exclusive studio interviews, expert commentary and of course all the action from the arena. Check out GCT TV here to be directed to the live stream, or click here to see the full broadcast schedule. 

Thursday 13th July
14:00 CSI2* 1.30m Two phase €1,500 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
17:00 CSIYH 1.30m Table A  €1,500 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)


Friday 14th July
08:00 CSI1* 1.15m Two Phase €2,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
08:00 CSI2* 1.35m Against the clock €2,500 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
09:30 CSI1* 1.25m Two Phase €3,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
11:00 CSIYH 1.35m Against the clock €2,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
11:30 CSI1* 1.35m Two Phase €4,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
13:30 CSI5* 1.45m Against the clock €25,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
14:00 CSI2* 1.40m Against the clock €8,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
16:30 CSI5* Global Champions League of Chantilly Round 1 - 1.55m Against the clock with jump-off €92,000 to individual class winners (Piste MEAUTRY)


Saturday 15th July
08:00 CSI1* 1.35m Against the clock €5,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
08:00 CSI2* 1.35m Two Phase €2,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
09:30 CSI1* 1.25m Against the clock €4,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
09:45 CSI2* 1.45m Against the clock €10,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
11:30 CSI1* 1.15m Against the clock €2,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
13:30 CSI2* 1.40m Against the clock €2,500 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
13:45 CSI5* Global Champions League of Chantilly Final - 1.55/1.60m Against the clock €180,000 to individual class winners + €200,000 to teams (Piste MEAUTRY)
17:15 CSI5* Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Chantilly - 1.60m Against the clock with jump-off €300,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)


Sunday 16th July
08:00 CSI1* 1.15m Against the clock with jump-off €4,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
08:00 CSI2* 1.40m Against the clock €2,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
10:00 CSI1* 1.25m Against the clock with jump-off €6,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
11:00 CSIYH 1.40m Against the clock with jump-off €3,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
12:30 CSI1* 1.30m Against the clock with jump-off €10,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)
14:30 CSI2* 1.45m Against the clock with jump-off €25,000 (Piste AMPHITHEATRE)
15:00 CSI5* 1.50/1.55m Against the clock with jump-off €62,000 (Piste MEAUTRY)