Season 2014


  • Antwerp
  • 24-27 April 2014

The BMW Masters - the winner takes it all!

Release date: 01/01/1970

(Photo: Stefano Grasso/LGCT)

Tonight the Longines Global Champions Tour of Antwerp will present their feature class of the day - the BMW Masters. This ‘winner takes it all’ competition has a special format that allows the riders to be tactical about their rounds in order to play to their own strengths and perhaps exploit those of their adversaries. 

The start list will be made up of the three top CSI5* riders, three top CSI4* riders, two top Belgian riders and two wildcard entries. The first round consists of six obstacles, including one double, set at a maximum height of 1.50m. There are five rounds, a first round where all clears progress, and four subsequent rounds where riders can choose an obstacle to be raised before beginning their round. 

If the horse and rider then lower an obstacle during their round, their nominated raised fence is lowered back to its original height and they are eliminated from the competition. If they are clear, the raised jump stays raised for the next competitor, and so on. The luck of the draw is very much a key aspect to this class. If there are riders on equal points after the fourth round, there is a timed jump-off with the course remaining at the height it finished at in the fourth round. 

The draw for this unusual event will take place at 8pm (local time). Follow all the action live on GCT TV or keep up-to-date with news on Facebook and Twitter