Season 2012


  • Doha
  • 5-7 April 2012

For the second year in succession, Doha, the capital of Qatar, will be the dramatic opening show of the Global Champions Tour 2012 season from April 5-7. Qatar is a flourishing international destination where a thriving modern nation lives in harmony with its rich Arabian culture and heritage. In recent years significant business, cultural and sports events have enhanced Qatar’s position on the world stage with top-level events like the Global Champions Tour helping shape its future as a sporting nation.

Doha is the heart of Qatar, with most of the population living in the city. What was once a small Bedouin village on the edge of the desert, has become in just a few decades a large modern city with sleek skyscrapers and a major business hub in the Middle East. The government has also made continuous efforts to develop tourism with attractions for visitors including the Museum of Islamic Arts, Corniche, Palm Tree Island, Spiral Mosque, Souks, and the Pearl of Qatar artificial island.

This great city offers plenty of  activities from shopping at one of the large malls with tax-free designer goods or traditional markets to fine dining and great water sports.

Throughout history, sport has been a unifying force for good on a global scale, bringing different people and different cultures together. In Qatar in recent years the sport of show jumping has reached new heights with local riders achieving top-level international results. Most recently the Qatar team won a bronze team medal and individual gold at the Pan Arab Games in Doha. This continued progress underlines Qatar’s commitment to develop its sporting ambitions locally and internationally.