Season 2011


  • Cannes
  • 9-11 June 2011

Kevin Staut sets the French Crowd Alight

Release date: 01/01/1970

The well versed audience created an electrifying ambiance to the opening class of the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix day.  The event was the last chance rehearsal before the Grand Prix of Cannes, France.


The enthusiastic and large crowd raised the rider’s adrenalin for the Prix Groupe Martel RPServices Accumulator one round speed competition. Frenchman Kevin Staut, third from last to go eclipsed all other’s times concluding with a time of 45.47 seconds taking the win.

Earlier in the drawn order, Edwina Alexander (AUS) riding the mare Mel D’Argences spun around the track finishing with a very clear fast time indeed in 45.73 seconds.  Edwina edged out prior leader Philippe Rozier (FRA) and Ideal de Roy by just .01 of a second to set them eventually into third place.(45.74 seconds)

Rozier is a regular rider at the GCT Cannes event and today didn’t disappoint the home-crowd spectators, who are big supporters of this champion French rider.


Kevin Staut

On the win

I am very happy with the win.  We were third on the first day and now won today.  Last night we had two down and stopped because of the light I believe.

On the event

Here in Cannes he has given 2 clear rounds and placed twice which is very good.

It is always nice to be here and compete in the speed classes and obtain good results.

On the course

The French course designer has done a good job with a very fair course.  It is difficult to build for these classes.  They are either made too small where everyone gallops or too big and they don’t go fast enough.  Today was really fair in the middle between not so big and not too small.

Edwina Alexander (AUS)

On the mare Mel D’Argences

I have had her for 6 months.  She is a very competitive horse at this level.  The mare has a super temperament with lots of quality and wins and places a lot.

On the round

I didn’t know that I was that fast.  I was enjoying the ride on Mel.

Photo Credit: Stefano Grasso/GCT