Season 2011


  • Cannes
  • 9-11 June 2011

Meredith Michaels Beerbaum not competing in Cannes

Release date: 01/01/1970

It is with regret that Germany rider Meredith Michaels -Beerbaum will not be competing at the Global Champions Tour of Cannes, France due to a back complaint.

Meredith tried in vein to ride this morning in hope that she could make it to Cannes.  Her brother-in-law Ludger Beerbaum who is competing here in Cannes said that she will be heading to the specialist on Monday for injections to assist in her recovery and following up with a few manipulation treatments.

She will not realise the title of the first GCT Millionaire at the in Cannes, event. Therefore, if Edwina Alexander (AUS), Marco Kutscher (GER) or Marcus Ehning (GER) have a successful show in Cannes, the Global Champions Tour in Monaco will be a very exciting event indeed. Jessica Kurten will not be competing at the Global champions Tour in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Prize money 285,000 in total for the Grand Prix of Monaco – the first five placing prize money as follows;

1st 92,000 2nd 60,000 3rd 37,000 4th 23,000 5th 16,000

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER)  976,982

2. Jessica Kurten (IRL) 945.451

3. Edwina Alexander (AUS) 900,399

4. Marco Kutscher (GER) 880,290

5. Marcus Ehning (GER)  839,680


Photo credit Stefano Grasso/GCT