Season 2011


  • Cannes
  • 9-11 June 2011

The First GCT Millionaire – excitement builds in Cannes

Release date: 01/01/1970

Whilst the Global Champions Tour presents itself in the millionaire’s territory of the French Riviera, at Cannes, the race is still on to see which top listed show jumping rider will be the first to become the first Global Champions Tour Millionaire. 

Caption; Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum at Global Champions Tour in Germany (Photo Credit; Stefano Grasso/GCT)

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER) leads the group of high-end prize money earners with a total of 976,982 Euros.  This weekend she could just reach the milestone million Euro mark.  With 285,000 Euros on offer for the Grand Prix of Cannes event, placing in the top four will see her reach the target million Euros.

Top 4 placing prizemoney for the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Cannes, France.

(1st 92,000, 2nd 60,000 3rd 37,000 4th 23,000 5th 16,000 6th 9,000)

Jessica Kurten (IRL) is the second highest GCT earner with 945,451 Euros, however is not competing at the Global Champions Tour in Cannes. 

Australian Edwina Alexander has made significant deposits to her account over the first three legs of the GCT 2011 in Doha, Valencia and Hamburg and now has 900,399 in her bank.  The win here in Cannes, as she took the title in 2010, will not be quite enough for her to be the GCT’s first millionaire.

Top 10 Global Champions Tour earners 2006-2011

1. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER)   976,982

2. Jessica Kurten (IRL) 945.451

3. Edwina Alexander (AUS) 900,399

4. Marco Kutscher (GER) 880,290

5. Marcus Ehning (GER)  839,680

6. Michel Robert  (FRA) 741,067

7. Jos Lansink (BEL) 673,850

8. Alvaro De Miranda Neto (BRA) 673,977

9. Denis Lynch (IRL) 593,663

10. Daniel Deusser (GER) 511,240