Season 2010


  • Hamburg
  • 13-16 May 2010

German Jumping and Dressage Derby

The German Jumping and Dressage Derby which has been hosted for decades by the city of Hamburg is attracting crowds in the tens of thousands and a top field of participants.
The program offers every day prestigious jumping classes that all together create a real Derby feeling. Highlights are the Mercedes Benz championship and the first Derby qualification on Thursday, the second qualification on Friday when the riders jump the mighty wall. Saturday the Global Champions Tour Grand prix is the scenery for the best riders in the world. And finally on Sunday, of course, it’s Derby time. The whole city is excited when the audience gathers in the Derby Park.

In top hat and tails

Another classical challenging horse event is the Dressage Derby, in which only few riders are able to participate in. Watched by thousands, the finalists need to have strong nerves and a lot of feeling and skill for the contest of the "Blue Ribbon".
 Hansestadt Hamburg, host of two top series

The German Jumping Derby, with its long tradition, has the longest and most difficult course in the World and is the absolute highlight of four exciting days in Klein Flottbek. For the ninth time the classic horse jumping event, the Riders Tour, will open this grand event. Another quality brand, the Riders Tour, will conclude this year in the Olympia Hall in Munich. The other top series of course is the Global Champions Tour ! Hamburg is the only leg in Germany of the series with the very high prize money, which comes for the 3rd (2nd) time to the Derby weekend. The Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Germany in Hamburg, is very tempting with record prize money. The Derby event all together offers the best riders of the world ranking list, top horses and the best of 2 top series.

exciting - and relaxing - days

The blend of country side, the unique audience, the picnic facilities and the fan culture creates a very special atmosphere. This together with the top Athletes which follow the GCT events create a breathtaking event, unique in the equestrian world.

The German and Jumping and Dressage Derby - you have to go there, it is the place to be!