Season 2010


  • Chantilly
  • 22-25 July 2010

Ten Quickies With Patrick McEntee

Release date: 01/01/1970

Patrick rides the horses of Catherine de Buyl, who is a great supporter of the GCT and breeds her own horses. Patrick has an Irish father but recently decided to ride for Azerbaijan. he is a consistent rider in GCT  Grand Prix and was 4th in the GCT GP of Portugal recently.

Ten Quickies with Patrick McEntee


  1. Aston or Porsche? “ Mobile home,”

  2. Football or Rugby? “Football.”

  3. Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts” “Who are they?”

  4. Cash or Credit? “I don't pay!”

  5. Books or Movie? “movie”

  6. Swimming or running? “Swimming with my daughter.”

  7. Oxer or Vertical? “water jumps because I like swimming!!”

  8. Beef or lamb? “Beef.”

  9. Red wine or white? “Neither, just coke!”

  10. Dancing or singing? “Actually I prefer sleeping!”