Season 2010


  • Chantilly
  • 22-25 July 2010

A few things about Chantilly

Release date: 01/01/1970

Facts about Chantilly

 Everyone knows Chantilly is a horse loving town but Jean-Maurice Bonneau, the shows sports director gave us a few facts and figures. He said "It is our aim to make people happy at this show, although we have an organisation we all use our different expertise to make different aspects work, there are no superstars here, except the horses and riders of course."



It takes three weeks to build up the grandstands and other buildings.


The main arena measures 100x150feet.


The public grandstands can seat 4000.


The VIP tent has seating for 1000


There are 55 riders entered in the 5* classes (50 in the Grand Prix)


The show venue is constructed in the middle of the racecourse.


It takes a staff of 50 to run the show plus the arena party.


The total prize fun is 400'000Euro for the 5* classes, 50'000Euro for the 2*, 50'000 for the Special Invitational and 11'500 Euro for the Young Horses.



And regarding Chantilly in general, here are some facts that did not originate from Jean-Maurice;


The town is twinned with Epsom in England, home of the original Derby horse race.

3000 horses train at the training centre each day.

The racecourse is managed by France Gallop, the French Racing authority.

The French Derby (Prix Jockey Club) and Oaks (Prix Diane) are held here each June.

The town is also famous for making very fine lace.

Chantilly Cream is fresh cream mixed with icing sugar and vanilla essence. It was allegedly created for a banquet held by Louis IV in the chateau, by his head chef, Vatel. However Vatel never got to see the success of his creation. He committed suicide that night when the fish took too long to cook!!